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Play a role in the evolution of our neighborhood senior village while you expand your social circle.
Village Administration
Being involved with the day-to-day operation of the Village is the perfect opportunity for volunteers seeking tasks that are detail oriented, focused, offer flexibility, and critical to our success.
Member Services Center
As a Member Services Center representative you will handle inbound telephone calls from members with questions regarding Federal and District programs to support seniors, as well as offer our list of vendors who have been vetted at the neighborhood, regional, and national level.  For our Full members with higher needs, you may also make phone calls and appointments on behalf of the member, or arrange for a Friendly Companion to join them for meetings, appointments, and estimates for note-taking and general support.  From home maintenance to health care, you will provide a personal, caring service for a neighbor most in need. Hours are flexible and you work from your home.
Telephone Tree
Gift for gab?  Put it to work!  Approximately 10% of our members do not have email access, and rely upon the postal system or the telephone for their Village communications.  You can help by reaching out to let them know about Village events or updates between mailings.  Hours are flexible and you work from home.
Administrative Support
General office administration skills are always in demand, and your Village needs help with processing applications, vendor referrals, insurance and banking paperwork, and even the infamous envelope-stuffing.  Hours are flexible and you work from home.
Joining one of our committees is the ideal way meet your neighbors and work in a values-driven team.  You'll have your own tasks and commitments, but the committee volunteer enjoys the collaborative process and is a positive contributor to consensus-building.
Fundraising Committee
Working under the direction of our Development Director, you will help build our annual calendar of fundraising activities through subcommittees which focus on grant applications, corporate sponsorships, Community Benefits requests, private donations, and special events.
Finance Committee
Working directly with the Village Treasurer, you can help develop and monitor the Village's annual operating budget, monthly financial reconciliations, and assist with preparing our tax filings.
Membership Committee
As a Village ambassador and advocate, you can assist with recruiting new members and retaining existing members.  Duties vary by individual skillset but may include organizing meetings in your home or your community's club room, referring membership leads to Village staff, speaking to a member prospect about your own Village experience, and being generally well-versed in our benefits, policies, and costs.  The Membership Committee also vets our membership policies and dues.
Programming Committee
Sometimes referred to as a Social Committee, our community survey showed that Waterfront residents want more than simple diversions in their free time.  They enjoy a robust calendar that includes the performing arts, sports, dining, personal development, and group activities.  On this committee you will develop our quarterly calendar and may act as an Activity Host at one of our events. 
Member Service Advocates
For many people, nothing is more rewarding than personally making a difference for another in need.  Our member advocates provide important services to our members, and all receive training and are insured.  Member Advocates provide services to our Full Members who are 62 years of age and older.
Activity Host
You will directly support the efforts of the Programming Committee as the point person for both the facility and our members at tours, lectures, dining occasion, or special events.  Like all good hosts, your duties will include facilitating introductions of fellow members and doing your best to ensure everyone has a great time - including yourself!
One of the most valued member benefits of senior villages is the transportation provided to grocery, medical, and other destinations.  Hours and days are completely flexible to your schedule, and trips are limited to the District of Columbia and Arlington County.  Supplemental insurance is provided and mileage documentation is provided for your annual tax return purposes.  Your commitment need only be for one-way of the trip.  You also earn $10 credit towards the $525 upgrade fee of a Supporting membership to Full status for each one-way trip you complete.
Friendly Companion
The duties of a friendly companion can include a telephone check-in, joining someone for a walk, a home visit (that will typically welcome your pet or child!), or joining a neighbor for a meeting, appointment, or estimate where they will benefit from your note-taking and raising pertinent questions.  Hours are flexible and in some cases may be worked from your home.

Home Services
Our home services volunteers may help with gardening, mobile and home technology support, and basic handyman tasks. Help is also provided with note-taking during contractor visits and project management for large projects such as roof or appliance replacement.
Providers of Professional Services
You may wish to donate time that you normally receive a fee for, whether it be as a fitness instructor, counselor, handyman, or cook.  In addition to the personal satisfaction, you will earn $10 credit towards the $525 upgrade fee of your Supporting membership to Full status for each activity you complete on behalf of the Village.
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

List current as of July 24, 2019. See our "Donations" page to learn how to support Waterfront Village volunteer programs, or call 202-656-1834.